Bradfield College Demosthenes Public Speaking Competition: Broomwood wins!


It was a great honour to attend the Bradfield College Desmothenes Public Speaking Competition and we were thrilled to come away with a win. Even more impressive was the way our boys and girls worked together, spending time preparing in the holidays and during prep sessions to contemplate difficult and pertinent topics. We are so proud of their maturity and mental agility.

We had two teams: Charlie and Nico (Year 6) who examined the title, ‘The Future is ours, so what do want it to look like?’ They were incredibly thoughtful and gave eloquent speeches on the worries and wonders of the future; and Henry and Orla (Year 7) who looked at the topic, ‘Why we need books more than ever before’. Henry played the role of a character who had so much more to do than reading, arguing against the motion,  whilst Orla was a convincing proponent of the written word.

They made us laugh, they made us think, and everything they said was written by themselves!

Competition was very tough between all the schools so to win was a great achievement. The Year Six team also walked away with ‘Best Year 6 Speakers’, but the shield was just a nice extra. The real reward was the effort and challenge all four students put into their work.


Posted: 26th February 2024
Categories: News

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