A Real Education


At Broomwood, we believe that a real education should be academically rigorous and should also develop the mind, body and spirit of a young person. Our children achieve incredible results across the board, gaining access to some of the most competitive senior schools in the country. We are proud of their success, but we are also proud that our young people are happy and confident, with a sense of fun. School life is designed to teach them essential skills, such a problem solving, and independent thinking. We give our boys and girls the tools to organise themselves, navigate social relationships and deal with challenges.

Broomwood children benefit from our full days – which are slightly longer for older pupils, than the offering at other schools. We provide everything they need, so that they learn, play, do their prep, and attend extra-curricular activities and return home tired, but happy to relax!


‘Broomwood equips and inspires boys and girls to #BeYourBEST by giving them the very best of all worlds:  a joyful co-educational start to education at the age of 3 or 4 in a bespoke, specialist Early Years centre within a wider school setting, with a seamless transition to single-sex, yet collaborative, Prep schools at the age of 7 through to 11 or 13 years.’

Welcome to Broomwood!

Find out more about how we equip and inspire boys and girls aged 3-13 to #BeYourBEST.
Our Spring Term OPEN MORNINGS are:
Weds 28 February 9am: Broomwood Pre-Prep (ages 3-6)
Friday 1 March 9am: Broomwood Prep- Girls & Broomwood Prep- Boys (ages 7-13)