Coming together as ‘Broomwood’


In September 2023, Northcote Lodge, Broomwood Hall Upper School and Broomwood Hall Lower School united under one name, Broomwood.

Their senior school, Northwood Senior, rebranded as part of the London Park Schools group (LPS).

Broomwood Hall School, a pre-preparatory school for boys and girls was founded in 1984 by Katherine and Malcolm Colquhoun.  The later opening of Northcote Lodge (now Broomwood Prep – Boys) and Broomwood Upper (now Broomwood Prep – Girls) meant children could continue their “Broomwood” education.

Uniting as Broomwood, meant the schools could continue to offer an excellent education with even more collaboration across the different sites.   The new logo and branding drew on the best of the existing identities combining the existing Broomwood ‘B’ with the Northcote stag.

The Timeline of Broomwood

2024 – Michael Hodge joins as Principal, Broomwood and Head of Broomwood Boys.

2023 – all three schools: Broomwood Hall Lower School, Broomwood Hall Upper School & Northcote Lodge re-brand as Broomwood.

2021 – Sir Malcolm and Lady Colquhoun, founding Principals of Northwood Schools sell the group to the Dukes Education Family of Schools and Kevin Doble joins as Principal.

Carol Jenkinson retires as Head of Broomwood Hall Upper and Lower School. She is succeeded by Louisa McCafferty (Upper School) and Caron Mackay (Lower School).

2020 – Opening of new co-educational secondary school for pupils aged 11-16 in SW16 – Head, Susan Brooks

2018 – Clive Smith Langridge joined as Headmaster of Northcote Lodge.

2014 – St George’s School opens in Gondar, Ethiopia to 100 students (aged 5-6), supported by Northwood Schools Charity.

1993 – Northcote Lodge founded under Headmaster, Desmond Bain

1984 – Broomwood Hall School founded by Katharine Mears in the Methodist Church Hall in Broomwood Road with 12 children.