Community & Sustainability

Teaching our children about the importance of caring for our planet and using its resources sustainably is an integral part of a Broomwood education.  We encourage all our young people to think beyond their own experiences and to reflect on how their actions might impact others. Being part of the wider community comes with responsibilities,  and whether they are working on an initiative to reduce waste, or raising money for a good cause we want to produce young people who are tolerant and empathetic.

‘The Green Team ‘

Children at each of our sites form part of an Eco Group. They discuss ways in which the school can be more environmentally aware, from litter picking to recycling old school uniform and walking or cycling to school, instead of going by car. As well as encouraging children to connect with nature through our gardening clubs and outdoor learning (& younger pupil ‘welly time’) we also have a ‘living roof’ on the top of our pre-prep hall.

The Importance of Charitable Giving

Philanthropy is an integral and important part of a Broomwood education. The experience of raising money for charity brings big benefits to both recipients and participants.

Children learn about worlds beyond their own experience. They also learn fundraising and entrepreneurial skills, tolerance and empathy, and discover, just by small acts of giving, how to effect change, the multiplier effect of small acts and the large impact that their help can make on the lives of others.


NAEF: The Northwood African Education Foundation

Broomwood’s community founded NAEF in 2012.   The charity used land donated by the Ethiopian government to build St George’s School in the province of Gondar.  This opened in March 2014 with an initial Reception class of 100, enabling not only hundreds of children to receive a first class education, but bringing economic benefits to the whole community surrounding the school.

The the costs for running the school met entirely through the efforts and donations of the Broomwood community, leaving the development costs to be raised from outside sources. NAEF’s long-term goal is to enable children to have a secondary education and go on to university.

They encourage parents and staff to sponsor a child and many parents, teachers and children have been out to visit St George’s.

A Proud History

Broomwood has a record of charitable fundraising and over the past 30 years has raised over £1m for numerous charities. The funds come from a myriad of different activities including cake, book and uniform sales, mufti, crazy hair and shoe days as well as sponsored activities and individual efforts from families and children.

‘Charity Of The Year’

As well as building and sustaining a long-term relationship with children in Ethiopia via NAEF, we also support a local charity which is chosen by the children from a short-list drawn up by the Parents’ Association. To qualify, it must be:

  • small in scale
  • local to our area, or have some connection with the school
  • something that our children can relate to, or perhaps even become involved with
  • willing to come to school to make presentations and give information to children

Recent Charities supported by Broomwood:

Critical Support UK
Trinity Hospice
St George’s Hospital Charity
Little Village
Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY)
Regenerate-RISE Charity
Garratt Park School Charity
Tom’s Farm
The Felix Project

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