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Broomwood Prep provides a full education for children from 7-13 years. We achieve some of the best 11+ and 13+ results in London. Our pupils regularly win scholarships to top independent schools and are awarded places at some of the most competitive boarding and day schools in the country.

The Best of Both Worlds…

We have a unique approach where boys and girls are educated at separate sites but come together for host of activities, from House competitions to sporting events, workshops and trips. Each site has its own separate Head, but we collaborate across every aspect of school life and we all share the same values and ethos.

Many of our children join us from Broomwood Pre-Prep, but we welcome new pupils in Year 4 and Year 7. We are also happy to discuss occasional places and welcome visitors to our happy, vibrant school.

We are one of the only schools in London to provide an education for boys and girls which includes both single-sex and co-ed elements. Our children are taught together at
Broomwood Pre-Prep and then move on either to Broomwood Prep – Girls or Broomwood Prep – Boys.

Academic excellence and a confident approach

This gives our children the opportunity to develop at their own pace and to grow in confidence under the care of experienced specialist teachers. Our aim is that every child
should develop a growth mindset, where they are not afraid of taking academic risks or making mistakes. We recognise that boys and girls develop in different ways both
academically and emotionally and want them all to thrive in the classroom.

Preparing for the real world

At the same time, we are keen to prepare pupils for future life and to promote healthy friendships and collaboration with members of the opposite sex. We come together for
activities beyond the classroom. This includes, House activities (boys and girls belong to the same House system), Sporting events and academic workshops. We also provide the
opportunity to take part in co-ed residential trips, competitions, music and drama sessions.

Broomwood pupils take up places at some of the top schools in the country and we are often commended on their maturity, enthusiasm and resilience.

Welcome to Broomwood!


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Happy Children, Outstanding Results 2024: 41 Scholarships

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