A Broad Education


At Broomwood, we follow the National Curriculum yet pride ourselves in offering a broad range of additional academic study, stretching far beyond the classroom. We place a great emphasis on helping children to develop skills of enquiry, harnessing their natural curiosity and helping them make connections between subjects under broad themes.  Boys and girls regularly go on visits, tours, and – for our older children – residential field trips.  We also host a huge variety of events, from junior workshops to visiting speakers, specialist sports training, debating and poetry evenings, and concerts.

Our class sizes are small so we can provide the right levels of support, enrichment and challenge tailored to suit the needs of each pupil. We are not a ‘one size fits all’ school and we continually monitor progress and give regular feedback to parents.

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‘Reading matters at Broomwood’


Language is a powerful. It is our aim to teach children at Broomwood to use it effectively with precision, and enjoyment. From the earliest years, we will encourage your child to read as much as they possibly can. This not only improves communication skills, but helps with vocabulary, spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Outside the classroom, English is enriched at every age through further activities such as the Inter-House Poetry Competition, debates, public speaking competitions, visiting authors and trips to museums and the theatre.

From the first day at Broomwood Pre-Prep, we start learning phonics, encompassing reading, writing, handwriting and spelling. By the end of Reception, all our children will have begun to master these skills. Each class has its own books and reading corner and our well-stocked libraries allow children to explore a wide range of reading material. We encourage them to enjoy all genres, including non-fiction, fiction or poetry. All children may borrow books to take home.

It is vital that your child has a good command of English so that they can access the full curriculum as they move through Broomwood. Our pupils practise the reading and writing skills they have learnt, whilst studying topics in our Thematic Learning programme and we are proud of the standard they reach.

Our English curriculum is designed to instil a love of books in every boy, and we will guide your son to make enjoyable and challenging reading choices. We have a wonderful, well-stocked library, which boys visit on a regular basis.

We also place emphasis on persuasive writing techniques, and we have weekly spelling, punctuation and grammar lessons. This ensures that Broomwood boys are properly prepared for entrance examinations to senior schools. When they move on, our pupils are often commended for their articulate and erudite approach, across the curriculum.

We have invested in Accelerated Reader, a programme which helps us to monitor progress, whilst encouraging reading for pleasure. There are also regular debates and other opportunities for the boys to put their linguistic skills to use and we encourage them to take part in writing and poetry competitions, such as Dukes’s ‘Poetry Together’.

We have a busy and exciting English programme at Broomwood Prep – Girls and our goal is to instil a lifelong love of literature and language. On a practical level, we aim to empower girls to communicate effectively in speech and writing, with a secure understanding of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

The English teachers at Broomwood are passionate about their subject and have a wealth of experience. This ensures that pupils are well-prepared for any external exam required for entry to their chosen senior school. iPads enhance the teaching of English and are used frequently in lessons for research purposes and vocabulary work, and for sharing and discussing pupils’ work.

Girls study prose, poetry and non-fiction from a range of cultures and periods of history. This provides ample opportunities to deepen the pupils’ understanding of the world. In addition, cross-curricular links, such as teaching Judith Kerr’s ‘When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit’ alongside a history unit of work on World War Two, teach the pupils how to form opinions and respond with sensitivity, enabling them to become perceptive, kind and tolerant young women.

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We live in a world built on maths. It is the foundation of science, computing, finance – even music. Few subjects have been as important to the development of the society we live in today and the things we rely on and take for granted.

Our aim is for all pupils to leave Broomwood as confident and competent mathematicians.  We believe that the best way to achieve this is to encourage resilience. We encourage pupils to take risks, to have a go and to be unafraid of make those essential mistakes that do so much to facilitate learning.

At Broomwood Pre-Prep, we use a mastery approach in Maths, sometimes referred to as ‘Singapore Maths’.  This involves breaking down concepts into practical elements to ensure your child has a thorough understanding of each component.  We have seen strong and continuing positive results and we are a training school for Maths Mastery.  Most of our children cite maths as one of their favourite subjects.

We want your son to gain an understanding of ideas, logic and concepts, which he will be able to apply to his everyday life. We also know that many competitive senior schools are looking for students who are mathematically literate. We prepare boys to achieve at the highest level possible – and our exam results are a testament to that.

Your son will be encouraged to develop important mental skills like problem solving, logical thinking, effective communication of methods and answers, as well as imagination and the perception of shapes, objects and questions.

It is important to us that our boys achieve the grades of which they are capable; but we also want them to continue to explore and learn about maths and its role in the world around them and, most importantly of all, to enjoy their maths lessons.

Pupils at Broomwood Prep – Girls are taught Maths in practical and relevant ways. We want your daughter to be able to investigate statements and communicate her thoughts clearly using accurate mathematical language. As soon as the foundation is in place, she can start to reach her own conclusions or come up with her own rules and patterns – this is where Maths becomes incredibly rewarding and good fun.

Our teaching follows the highly effective Singaporean style which allows pupils to achieve fluency and depth in their learning, and to apply their skills and knowledge through reasoning and problem solving activities. We know these methods work and are proud of the results our girls achieve in the 11+, pre-test and 13+ examinations.

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In an age where we are bombarded with information from many sources, Science is an important discipline. At Broomwood, we aim to give your child the skills to think scientifically and to differentiate between fact and fiction. This develops a sense of the world and promotes the ability of our pupils to think for themselves.

We encourage children to see Science as relevant to their everyday life, and an essential part of their future. Learning through doing is at the very heart of the department’s Science teaching, and lessons are developed to promote curiosity, excitement and independent learning.

Children in the Pre-Prep study science within our thematic learning programme, exploring the subjects more formally in Year 3. In addition to lessons in the classroom, we take them on a variety of trips, including London Zoo, The Science Museum, The Natural History Museum and Kew Gardens.

Boys at Broomwood are taught Biology, Chemistry and Physics in fully equipped Science laboratories.  Every year at Broomwood Boys, we also hold a competitive Science Fair in which the pupils present their scientific inventions and experiments. We invite guest Scientists to judge the work and the boys have been highly commended for the quality and creativity of their scientific research and ideas.

We supplement work at school by taking the boys to museums and exhibitions and liaising with senior schools for science days There is also an annual Geography and Science trip to the South of France.

We want every girl at Broomwood to be involved in Science and to learn how to use an investigative approach when conducting experiments. We have three modern and well-stocked laboratories. Science is taught by subject specialists who are passionate about what they do. From Year 7 onwards, girls have separate lessons in Physics, Chemistry and Biology as we prepare them for moving on the senior school

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Through the study of languages, children at Broomwood gain a broader view of the world and an insight into different cultures and civilisations. All our pupils start learning French from Year 1. We use a range of linguistic activities and games to keep them engaged, including films, immersive trips and events.

Latin And The Classical World

We also teach Latin at  Broomwood (Boys and Girls) from Year 6. Studying the Romans opens the pupils’ minds to the mechanics behind the language and also develops critical thinking skills required for the learning of modern languages. It also introduces our children to an exciting world of ancient history and mythology. From Julius Caesar to Odysseus via Cloelia, with many ghoulish monsters thrown in, the children revel in the stories and are encouraged to read more widely in English. The course takes a robust approach to grammar and vocabulary learning and we provide a range of engaging apps and games to support children with this.  We want to spark a genuine interest in our pupils, giving them a confidence that  will encourage them to study Classics at GCSE level and beyond.


At Broomwood Pre-Prep French is taught by a specialist teacher and the emphasis is on having fun!  We follow a programme where children are encouraged to speak of everyday topics, through role play, drama and song. In these early years your child will be encouraged to absorb the sound of the language, get a taste for it and learn something of the enjoyable elements of French culture. This prepares them for moving on to Broomwood Prep, where they will study in more detail.

We want our children to have a thorough grounding in the basic structure of the languages they study. The language we offer the boys, French and Latin complement and illuminate other subjects, such as English and History. We make use of the latest digital and technological advances in language teaching, including (for French) ‘Language Perfect’, a vocabulary-training app and constantly monitor and encourage progress through regular assessment and feedback.

In addition to learning to speak, read, listen and write in French, boys also learn about the cultural aspects of both France and other French-speaking countries. We run an annual residential language trip at the Château de la Baudonnière in Normandy. Boys are immersed in a totally French-speaking environment and participate in a wealth of fun activities such as climbing, orienteering and canoeing, through to breadmaking, archery and shopping, in French, at local markets.

The primary aim of the Modern Foreign Languages department at Broomwood Prep – Girls is to provide pupils with a thorough grounding in structure and grammar, as well as some experience of idiomatic use. We run an annual trip to France with Broomwood Prep – Boys, to immerse the children in the language and culture.

In Year 6, pupils at Broomwood Prep – Girls may also pick up one lesson a week of Spanish alongside French, after which they may continue with either or both languages for 13+ if we feel they can cope.

We teach Latin, which helps the children understand grammatical structure and the development of other European languages (particularly the romance languages, such as French, Spanish and Italian) The study of Latin also teaches our pupils about the origin of many words in the English we use today.

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‘Understanding ourselves and our past…’

Throughout their time at Broomwood, children learn a wide variety of techniques to equip them to become able and thoughtful historians. In the younger years, we spark your child’s curiosity by choosing a topic, such as the ‘Olympics’, ‘The Great Fire of London’ or ‘space travel’ and examining its context in history. Children are placed in time spending the day as Victorians, learning about Victorian houses in the area and creating a timeline, so that we can see how our community has developed.

We complement classroom lessons with frequent visits to museums and galleries and we invite visiting speaks to run workshops and to bring the subject alive.  Older pupils are taught advanced skills, such as evidence gathering, interpretation, analysis, persuasive argument, and cogent writing to enhance critical thinking.

Our thematic approach in the Pre-Prep gives children the chance to answer questions about themselves and the society in which they live and to look at the world from different perspectives. The study of History in the Pre-Prep encompasses Natural History, Cultural and Social History.

We encourage our children to read age-appropriate History books and we bring the subject alive with drama, song, outdoor learning and art. Examples of recent thematic workshops include a dinosaur workshop, Victorian Day, a study of the Stone Age period and the Fire of London – where we had a controlled fire in the playground to see how the flames spread from one building to another.

At Broomwood Prep – Boys we see it as a challenge to inspire our pupils, prompting them to be history ‘detectives’. We look at images, art, photographs and film and we study primary and secondary sources. The boys are often fascinated by how different perspectives can lead to differing accounts of the same events. We embrace a vast spectrum of topics ranging from Greece and the Aztecs to the Tudors and Stuarts to the Napoleonic Wars, World War One and World War Two.

In the final two years, we try to enable pupils to understand, appreciate and empathise with the differing roles of individuals, communities, and nations in historical events.

At Broomwood Prep – Girls, we want your daughter to understand that there is always more than one side to every story and to give her the confidence to form and justify her own position.

We introduce girls to primary and secondary source materials, as well as incorporating technology, to develop the ‘hands-on’ and question-led style of learning that will equip them to succeed at Broomwood and beyond, and to promote their curiosity.

The department runs several trips to locations in London and further afield, alongside welcoming visiting speakers to further inspire the girls. Recent examples have included Bletchley Park, Hampton Court and The National Archives.

Theology, Philosophy and Religion
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Theology, Philosophy and Religion

Understanding different belief systems and their role within a culture, helps to make sense not only of the past, but of the complexities of modern life. We introduce children at Broomwood to different faiths and belief systems and we learn about and celebrate some of the major religious festivals across the world.

We have an affiliation with local churches, but we welcome children of all faiths and none.

In the Pre-Prep, our RE curriculum equips children with the necessary tools to explore their own religious backgrounds while also fostering an understanding of other religious beliefs and worldviews. We have an inclusive approach to the subject, embracing the diversity and cultural richness found in our local, national, and global communities. Starting from Reception, where students study festivals from around the world, to Year 1, where they learn about different places of worship, and continuing into Year 3, where they delve deeper into the exploration of various religions. Year 1 perform a nativity play in our local Church which allows them to explore and understand the significance of the Christmas story.

At Broomwood Prep – Boys, your son will be introduced to Philosophy and Ethics, as well as studying a variety of religious texts and practises. By understanding how values and traditions impact and influence the moral issues we face today, we encourage boys to make connections between them, hone their critical thinking skills and show tolerance and respect for people of different cultures and faiths.

From Year 4 to 5 our boys look at stories from the Bible and learn about the origins, beliefs of the major world religions. From Year 6, we follow the Common Entrance syllabus, examining beliefs and looking at the foundations of the Judeo-Christian tradition.  We also consider the influence of religious faith on moral issues today.

Art, drama, ICT and a variety of written tasks are all used to help the pupils develop their understanding of religion as well as their own responses and reactions.

In studying Theology, Philosophy and Religion we will encourage your daughter to make a positive contribution to the world in which she lives and show tolerance and respect for people of all faiths.

In Year 4 to 5, pupils at Broomwood Prep – Girls study Biblical texts and start to explore the faith system of other world religions. In Classes 6, 7 and 8, our pupils follow the Common Entrance syllabus in which we educate them about religious ideas, continuing our examining of practices and ethics. We encourage the children to make connections between different faiths and to consider the influence of beliefs, values and traditions on moral issues today.

Art, drama, ICT and a variety of written tasks are all used to help the pupils develop their understanding of religion as well as their own responses and reactions.

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The world of technology is forever changing and so the Computing is a dynamic part of the Broomwood curriculum. There are always new fun ways to bring the subject to life and our department embraces these changes and ‘has a go’. We want our children to have fun, to experiment, to try not to break anything, and then tell others what they have learnt. As a result, the computing suite is rarely quiet, but instead resonates to the sound of confident enquiring minds, figuring things out, and hopefully not breaking anything!

The computing curriculum encompasses three strands: Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy. Boys are encouraged to explore technology, to be creative problem solvers and to learn by their mistakes!  We teach our pupils to code in several languages. They also learn to control robots, make their own games and apps, create 3 D models and prints and to fly drones and design their own gadgets.

Safety First

We make sure that E-safety is foremost in every project we do, and the boys know that as technology evolves, they need to be vigilant. All boys are required to have their own iPad. We want them to understand and love technology. They leave Broomwood Prep – Boys confident in the jargon and application of ICT and computing and can use any device to full advantage.

There are three strands in the UK computing curriculum: digital literacy, computer science and Information technology. All are covered thoroughly but it’s the coding and problem solving within the computer science strand that our pupils and staff enjoy the most. Of course, like all schools, we teach Scratch, and the children love it, but we also teach coding concepts using Flowol (old but still good), App Lab, HTML and our Year 7 and 8 girls spend considerable time exploring the wonderful world of Python.

Our Ozobots, Vex robots and BBC Micro:Bits are used to bring coding lessons to life, as does our 3D printers when learning about 3D modelling and design.

Every girl has her own iPad and after a decade of discovery our recent ISI inspection report identified our use of technology as a strength and that our pupils use of IT for learning is firmly and seamlessly embedded in all areas of our school curriculum.

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The study of Geography is increasingly importance in today’s world. Geographers are needed to help solve local and global issues such as food and energy security, the spread of disease, causes and consequences of migration and the impacts of global warming. Geography also provides key analytical, numerical and literacy skills. At Broomwood, we will encourage your child to ask questions about global issues and pursue a ‘route to enquiry’ and learn to think independently.

Geography is embedded into our thematic topics. Our Geography curriculum focuses on developing a child’s understanding of the World, the United Kingdom and their own locality. The children will begin to understand subject-specific vocabulary and to use a range of geographical skills. Geography fieldwork and mapping starts from Early Years and moves from understanding of the very local to the wider world. Our curriculum helps pupils understand how places are constantly changing, why they are important and how they are connected. Each year group studies environmental impacts, from plastic in the sea in Year 1, deforestation in Year 2 and global warming in Year 3. The topics culminate in an Earth Week held each year. We want children who will ask questions and be critical and creative thinkers who feel empowered to take care of our amazing planet.

The younger boys have two lessons each week, increasing to three in the following years. The initial focus is to give students a sense of place in the world by studying their immediate environment, then comparing it with the very different cultures of Ethiopia and Kenya. They move on to investigate the dynamic environments of rivers, coasts and climate in the physical world, and differences between the developing nations of the world and our own. Population, settlement, transport and economic activities all combine in the human syllabus.

Fieldwork is also an important part of the curriculum and we currently run many day visits in and around London, along with residential trips to the Isle of Wight and the south of France.

We stimulate the girls’ interest in, and understanding of, the world around them. We focus equally on both human and physical geography, which allows our students to identity with their local environments and feel a sense of responsibility for the care of the earth.

Work in the classroom is supported by field trips enabling girls to witness and experience, first-hand, the significance of geography in the real world. Examples of field trips include a comparative population and migration survey in the Spitalfields and Brick Lane area, and a residential trip to Slapton Ley and the Devon coast.

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Personal, Social and Health Education

Kindness and compassion is at the heart of our school

Our PSHE programme teaches children about health and well-being, personal relationships and living in the wider world. We want all our children to leave Broomwood with a positive attitude to life, knowing how and when to ask for support and being aware of their community and those around them. The skills they learn, from personal safety to understanding basic personal economics will help them as they move on to their next stage of education and beyond.

PSHE is designed to give girls the best start in life, ensuring that they understand how to take care of their physical health by making the right lifestyle choices. For older children, we also look at mental health, the physical and emotional changes that come with puberty and we talk about keeping themselves safe online and offline.

The Broomwood Way

Our values are embedded into all that we do and stressed to pupils and staff alike. We call this The Broomwood Way.

Do your best and be your best self
Be helpful
Be kind
Be truthful
Treat others as you would like to be treat you.

Broomwood boys study a variety of topics to ensure that they leave prep school with essential life skills. They learn about physical and mental fitness and how to cope with the changes that come with puberty.

It is now compulsory to teach about relationships and sex education. We are careful to present these topics sensitively and welcome questions from parents about our approach. We also look at other topics, such as bullying and discrimination, as well as discussing personal finance, media and digital literacy, community and responsibility.

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‘Music plays a key role in brain development … it helps with the nurturing of language and motor skills; it promotes emotional intelligence and enables our children to feel part of a community…’

All children at Broomwood study music. Besides being a creative and enjoyable activity, it can also be a highly academic and demanding subject. We provide opportunities for our pupils to appreciate a wide variety of musical forms, and to develop skills in listening and appraising their own work and that of other composers. The majority also choose to take individual lessons with professional musicians. They regularly take part in concerts and performances and may participate in a large variety of groups from choirs and ensembles to rock band and music technology classes. Our Visiting Music Specialists offer tuition in Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Violin, Viola, Cello, Drum Kit/ Orchestral Percussion and Piano. These can be booked through the school and we will introduce your child to the options available.

Music Tuition

Each Pre-Prep form has music lessons twice a week. Children sing, play musical games, do simple theory, and listen to different types of music and instruments. They have multiple opportunities to perform in front of an audience. Pupils take part in an annual concert; there are bands, orchestras, a number of choirs and an inter-house music competition.  Our older children also take part in musical masterclasses with Broomwood Prep – Boys and Broomwood Prep – Girls.

Girls are introduced to a wide range of musical styles and are given regular opportunities to perform in concerts and on tours. They are also encouraged to explore music theory and general musicianship outside the classroom and take practical exams through ABRSM and Trinity. The school creates performance opportunities for musicians of all levels, ranging from informal music assemblies, Interhouse competitions, weekly choir performances in church, to concerts and serenades, where pupils are encouraged to invite their families and friends.

Broomwood Girls regularly win music scholarships to many prestigious senior schools.

There is a strong musical tradition at Broomwood Prep – Boys. Music is an important part of the curriculum practical music-making is very much to the fore, as is music technology. Many boys have individual tuition at school and are given regular opportunities to perform in concerts, explore music theory and general musicianship outside the classroom and take practical exams through ABRSM and Trinity Guildhall.

There are two choirs and eight separate music ensembles giving boys a multitude of opportunities to try new instruments and express themselves musically. We take every opportunity to play music with others – including shared musical masterclasses, ensembles, and orchestra and evensong with Broomwood Prep – Girls. Children also attend musical days at senior schools.  Boys sing in our weekly church service and our annual interhouse music competition, as well as performing regularly in musical soirees and musical theatre productions.

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Drama enhances verbal and nonverbal expression of ideas…

Drama and the Performing Arts enable students of every age to express themselves and improves their ability to communicate with others effectively. We want our children at Broomwood to be confident speakers, to learn to work in a team and to develop the ability to listen and observe. Every pupil has one timetabled lesson of drama a week and all children are involved in at least one major production a year.

Drama is an important part of the Broomwood Pre-Prep curriculum, and our children have numerous opportunities to perform. We think the ability to stand up in public and give a good account of yourself is a vital skill. We want our boys and girls to learn how to face an audience, conquering their nerves and working confidently and collaboratively on productions together. Pre-prep children take part in two large shows each year: One the form play which is usually held at our local and the other is a with the year group in the hall. There are also poetry recitals, musical performances, as well as theatre trips, and many other opportunities for children to present to others and to learn how to accept applause and how to think on their feet!

We are ambitious for our boys, and we have a strong theatrical tradition at Broomwood Prep – Boys. The children tackle challenging scripts, performing classics such as Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and popular musicals and plays such as ‘Oliver’, ‘The Lion King’, ‘Joseph’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’.  We want everyone to be involved and many of our children enjoy working backstage, learning how to operate the lighting and sound systems, or designing and making props. We also hold regular poetry evenings, debating competitions and presentations. Some of these take place in collaboration with the girls’ prep.

Many boys also take part in the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) awards and our results are outstanding.  We also have a very strong track record when it comes to drama scholarships and awards to senior schools.

We have fantastic links to the theatre and our children have regular trips to see the backstage workings of theatres as well as seeing West End Productions.

We have an outstanding track record in Drama and girls regularly win scholarships for their next schools and achieve top marks in LAMDA examinations. Each girl has the opportunity to perform in a large-scale production every year which are varied and ambitious, from musicals to Shakespeare to adaptations of classic stories. Our productions are inclusive and supportive and there are plenty of opportunities for budding thespians to shine as well as plenty of roles for those who prefer a less full-on place in the spotlight. There are also annual reading and poetry competitions with the boys’ prep,  as well as regular plays in our church assemblies.

Pupils’ learning and development is supported through a broad programme of drama enrichment activities. This includes theatre trips, workshops with theatre specialists and trips to senior schools to take part in drama activity days or watch productions.

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Broomwood has a fully equipped on-site Cookery School.  Boys and girls take part in cookery club, where they learn basic techniques, such as using kitchen equipment safely, cooking terms – creaming, binding etc – baking and making pastry.

In Year 6 pupils at Broomwood Prep – Girls have half a year of cookery lessons as part of their DT programme. The following year, they have weekly cookery lessons. The course starts with further instruction in basic skills, before moving on to more advanced techniques and menu-planning.

Delicious treats go home to Year 6 and Year 7 households each week and during the summer term, as part of their assessment, the Year 7 girls prepare a sumptuous three-course dinner for their parents to enjoy at school.

Art and Design Technology
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Art and Design Technology

Art and Design Technology stimulate both sides of the brain; they are creative and logical.  They help to develop concentration, increase the capacity for memory, promote imagination and introduce children to new concepts…

Broomwood has a thriving Art and DT department. It operates from large, well-equipped studios and we encourage all children to get stuck in. We want pupils to use their imaginations and experiment with different materials and mediums. We also take them on trips to museums and galleries to give them an understanding of artistic expression within cultural and historical contexts.

All children are involved in Art and DT, which support the thematic learning programme we follow at Broomwood Pre-Prep. By studying art and designs (such as architecture, graphic or product design) of different periods our pupils get a sense of how different people express themselves.  Art and DT also helps with the development of fine motor skills required for writing and special awareness. We give the children the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of media including paints, pastels, model making and printing. They look at both fine art and conceptual art techniques.  In DT they work with construction materials in three dimensions, such as weaving freestanding structures and simple mechanisms.

Every boy benefits from weekly double lessons in Art and DT. They are taught to use various media and their work is regularly entered for national competitions and exhibited in London and, of course, around the school. In addition to external visits, we also run a programme with local artists so that the children can see the way they work and ask questions about the artistic process. Photography, film-making and digital experimentation is also encouraged, and boys collaborate with other departments on various projects. A number of our boys win Art or DT awards to senior schools.

We are very proud of our newly built and fully-equipped studio, and every girl benefits from weekly double lessons. Projects cover a wide variety of styles and techniques looking at developing their skills in drawing, colour, texture, form, pattern and print.

Girls are exposed to a diverse range of artists and this helps them to evaluate, appreciate and be inspired to create their own masterpieces which are regularly entered for national competitions and exhibited in London and around the school. Trips to museums and galleries are regular features as are visits from local artists. Photography, film-making and digital experimentation is also encouraged, and girls collaborate with other departments on various projects.

Sport and PE
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Sport and PE

Sport and PE has a high profile at Broomwood. Many of our staff have played sport themselves to an exceptionally high level, with FA, RFU and ECB qualifications. We are dedicated to providing your children with an inclusive sports programme where the focus is on DEPTH


Our children play games every day and many of the older pupils take part in matches twice a week. We hold our own against much bigger schools and we are incredibly fortunate to have on-site facilities as well as being situated within minutes’ walk of Wandsworth Common.

Children who are physically active do better across the curriculum and sport teaches tenacity, communication, teamwork, and resilience. All our pupils take part in PE and Games for at least five periods a week. We start off with foundation skills, such as jumping, running, catching and throwing and we then progress to team sports. We do football, netball, touch-rugby, hockey, athletics, rounders, and cricket. From Year 2 our children participate in interhouse competitions which give them a wonderful sense of purpose and brings them together for a common goal.

All children attend swimming lessons at the local pools and there are various after school activity clubs for those in Year 1 and above. A typical offering might be gymnastics, football, swimming, or tennis.

The main sports we play are football, rugby, and cricket. However, we have many other options including athletics, cross-country, basketball, golf, hockey, karate, table tennis, tennis, triathlon, shooting and swimming.

We take our boys on tours regardless of ability. Recently we went on a rugby tour to Wales and Leicester and a cricket tour to South Africa and Sri-Lanka. Our aim is to inspire all boys to work hard in sport, improve their skills and understand the benefit of a healthy and balanced lifestyle through sport.

Our focus is on encouraging girls to enjoy being active as well as teaching them the important life skills of teamwork, communication, perseverance and resilience. With options of professional careers for women in sports such as rugby, football and cricket, we now offer these as part of our curriculum.

We offer girls the opportunity to sample a wide range of sports both in timetabled lessons as well as in extra-curricular clubs including cricket, cross country, cross fit, dance, football, gymnastics, hockey, karate, lacrosse, netball, rugby, running, sailing, swimming, tennis and yoga as well as focusing in depth on our core sports in which we play competitive matches.

For those who excel, we help to guide and steer them towards competition and success and many of our girls go on to win sports scholarships to their senior schools.

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Homework is an extension of what has been taught in the classroom and helps to consolidate knowledge and understanding. Independent learning plays an important part in Broomwood’s educational approach, and we teach our children how to organise themselves, with the use of a Prep Diary. Pupils at Broomwood Prep – Boys and Broomwood Prep – Girls complete their homework at school. This means that when they get home, they can relax!

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