Eating together is an important part of the school day. Lunch at Broomwood is a social occasion for the whole school community Our chefs produce a varied, well-planned and well-balanced menu using wholesome, nutritious ingredients that meet our children’s dietary needs and strike a good balance between the comfortable and familiar, the occasional ‘treat’, as well as introducing them to new tastes and textures with theme and tasting days.

Our catering team is always happy to listen to menu suggestions from parents and children.



We set healthy eating guidelines for both menu and food preparation and our trained catering staff cook lunches in our on-site kitchens using fresh ingredients.  Seasonal produce is used as much as possible, and meat is sourced from a local butcher.



Snacks are available at break times, and we also provide teatime snacks for older children and those attending clubs.



We take steps to ensure we provide parents with accurate information about the content of the foods we serve, and we work closely with parents of children who have allergies. Occasionally we may need to  consult medical experts where necessary.

Although we cannot fully guarantee that the food from our suppliers is completely free from traces of nuts, we take all reasonable precautions to safeguard our food from being accidentally contaminated by nuts, nut derivatives or other types of food that can cause an allergic response.

What’s on the Menu?


Broomwood Sample Menu













There is nothing better than hearing it first-hand. Here is some recent feedback from some highly satisfied customers!

“These are the best school dinners ever.”

“They are the best in the whole world.”

“This is the best menu we have had since I started school, I am eating everything now, every single day.”

“The tacos here are better than the ones we have in a restaurant. They are great and the guacamole is to die for.”

“This week is getting better and better. We have had tacos, curry and now sausages.”

“The sticky toffee pudding is amazing.”

“These flapjacks are the best ever.”

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