A Welcome From The Head

‘An inspiring curriculum; beautiful buildings with excellent facilities; an ethos that is rooted in the very best of tradition, whilst looking firmly to the future; but above all, happy children…’

Broomwood Pre-Prep is a school filled with the constant buzz of laughter and happiness that comes from children who truly enjoy being with us. Our goal is to equip our pupils with skills for life, not just for the next school. Together with our pre-school Little Broomwood, we prepare children for the next stage of their education – whether that is for 7+ entrance to Broomwood Prep or to other schools.

We are unashamedly non-selective; I don’t believe that you can – or should, ‘test’ a child at the age of three and we will always look at individual circumstances and needs when considering an application at any other point of entry.

Children develop in different ways and at different times and given the right support and encouragement, will bloom in their own time. Our task is to give them that opportunity, whether it’s through music, sport, art, drama, extended academic work or more. Every child should have the chance to shine and grow in self-confidence.

We adhere to many traditional values that promote the ‘soft’ skills such as kindness, collaboration, creativity, good communication, and a sense of community and we are also a modern school; coupling the very latest in educational thinking and practice with an eye on the workplaces that our children will enter in the years ahead and equipping them with the problem-solving and analytical skills they will need to succeed.

With all the concerns about the pressures facing children these days, if there’s one area of which I am incredibly proud, it is our pastoral care. We have a fantastic tutorial system that nurtures and protects. It ensures that there is always an adult at school who takes an interest – a real interest – in every child’s triumphs, disasters and achievements. Our pupils know that there is always someone to talk to about their problems, real or imagined. This, I believe, is what truly sets us apart.

So, fantastic buildings and surroundings, superb and dedicated staff, supportive parents who believe in what we are trying to do, children who are rewarding and a joy to teach. I do hope very much that, if you share our vision of what school should be about, you will come and see us for yourselves.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Caron Mackay





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