We are a family of schools, teachers, learners, and parents. We support each individual to live with purpose, to encourage a love of learning, and to act as part of a team.

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Dukes Education
14 Waterloo Place, London SW1Y4AR
+44 (0)20 3696 5300

Board Of Governors

Aatif Hassan – Chairman and Founder of Dukes Education, Chair of Governors.
Email: aatif.hassan@dukeseducation.com

Professor Mark Bailey – Managing Director of Dukes Education and Safeguarding Governor.
Email: mark.bailey@dukeseducation.com

Catherine Robertson – Finance Director (Schools and Nurseries) for Dukes Education and
Email: catherine.robertson@dukeseducation.com

Dukes Values

We lead with heart.

No-one knows their school better than the Principal or Head who runs it. And no-one cares
more about it than they do. We make sure they lead on every decision, preserving the
individual character and ethos of their schools. We look for leaders who love the fun — as
well as the fundamentals — of the classroom.

We’re a team.

Individually we can achieve amazing things, but together we’re extraordinary. So, while each
of our schools is independent, they’re strengthened by being part of a family that shares
resources and expertise. Our management structure has no more than four levels from our
board of directors to the most junior members. This means everyone knows where they fit
in the bigger picture.

We do it well.

We work closely with regulatory authorities and inspection bodies to ensure everyone in the
Dukes family delivers the highest possible standards. Additionally, the members of
the Dukes Education Advisory Board come together regularly to discuss recent and future
developments across the group. Their expert support and guidance sets newer, higher
standards for all.

We love learning.

We believe education should be exciting at any stage. So, we’re driven to instil our lifelong
love of learning in our students — through teaching inside the classroom and, outside,
through our initiatives. We also provide extensive staff training, leadership and

Welcome to Broomwood!

Find out more about how we equip and inspire boys and girls aged 3-13 to #BeYourBEST.
Our Spring Term OPEN MORNINGS are:
Weds 28 February 9am: Broomwood Pre-Prep (ages 3-6)
Friday 1 March 9am: Broomwood Prep- Girls & Broomwood Prep- Boys (ages 7-13)