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Our aim at Broomwood is to prepare and equip every pupil for their next journey. We strive to make sure that when they leave us, they go to the school that is right for them. Some will go to day schools and some will board. Some will take the single sex route, while others will move to co-educational establishments.

We prepare our children for exit to their next schools at 11+ and 13+.

Schools vary widely in their entry requirements as do children in their abilities and aptitudes. We work closely with our parents helping and advising them on finding the right school for their child. Whether we prepare them for pre-tests or entrance tests, we make sure we provide them with the academic support they need as well as skills for interviews, depending on each future school’s requirements. We guide parents through the process, ensuring that they choose a school which aligns to their own values and approach and which works for the child and family.

We maintain contacts with many schools and visit them regularly. Each year we hold a Future Schools’ Evening at which our parents can meet the registrars and admissions teams of many of the schools to which we send our children. This enables our parents to have informal conversations with a range of different schools under one roof.

You can find out more about out Leavers’ destination schools in this report 

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